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"Marley" & "Joplin" Stevie's puppies, adopted together and loving couch potato life in Santa Rosa!

Now Named BUSTER AND POSEY, they are avid Giant's fans.

Adopted by Susan

March 2019



Danielle writes: "Last February I was helping my Mom look for a new companion after our beloved golden retriever rescue passed the previous fall. We came across the first photo below, of little Mollie, and to our pleasant surprise we learned that her littermate Mickey (second photo below) was also available. We were very interested in rescuing another bonded pair after our experience the last time around, and spent the next week or so corresponding with the amazing Mersadies to meet and adopt them. 


On Valentine's day 2018, we brought Mickey home, where he was reunited with his sister (now named Daisy) after they were in separate fosters for weeks. They were overjoyed to see one another, and have been absolutely inseparable since in their happy new home. Daisy is sweet, smiley, bouncy, and mischievous. Mickey is affectionate, charming, curious, and determined. We could not love them more! They spend their days romping in the yard, playing tag/chase and tug-of-war, and napping in various cuddly poses. They spend their evenings going on walks with Mom, chasing the ball, and...napping in various cuddly poses. Daisy's favorite toy is a silent-squeak duck, and Mickey never met a tennis ball he wasn't obsessed with. It's too bad you can't email live photos, otherwise you'd see their tails wagging in every picture! 


A huge thanks to Soft Paws for the great work you do! We were very lucky to find an organization that takes such care in rescuing and rehoming the right dogs with the right families." 


(black dog up front) is doing great, pictured here with his brother Twister and mom on a walk in Armstrong Redwoods.  He is mostly Border Collie and German Shepherd with a little Pit Bull and Chow Chow, he has a very sweet disposition, and we love him!

Adopted by Iain  2019



Here is Bruce's story written by his mom Karly:

"Bruce was part of the dobie litter that was abandoned at two weeks old. My husband and I drove 8 hours to come get him in Santa Rosa at one of the adoption events. We did an overnight trip just to come and pick him up. He was the cutest little puppy and is now the handsomest big boy. He loves other dogs and is not a fan of people (he’s a dogs dog). He is actually a Doberman Shepherd mix (50/50 according to the dna test!) and has definitely inherited traits on both sides. He is extremely protective of our home and us, and is just as stubborn. He makes the dopiest faces. He likes to push boundaries to see what he can get away with, but is extremely intelligent so he knows full well what he’s doing. His favorites things to do are going hiking and to the dog park. He has two best friends: Peanut and Raven. He loves spending time with them. We are so happy to have Brucey in our lives!"


This fancy guy is so cute he even has his own Instagram Account!!!

From his mom Tina: "I’m so thankful to Soft Paws for finding Ozzy “Cupcake” (named Barkley before).

I had fostered him in June 2018 - picked him up in Santa Rosa where he was at a boarding Center. He was 6 years old and given up by his family because apparently they wanted to make room for a puppy. Within a week or so he was officially adopted by ME.

I can’t begin to describe how wonderful he is... all the neighbors and their doggies love him. He is especially a favourite amongst little white poodles! He takes walks with his Yorkie friend when I’m at work.  I’ve seen him comfort people who are sad. He is so smart and clever - and just so well-behaved. Everyone says he is such a calm dog (unless he sees a “scary” dog or person he wants to protect mummy from!) He really is the best - I’m so thankful!  

Visit his IG account at @ozzycupcake for more plus videos!"


(formerly Gracie) has fit right in to her family since her adoption in September 2018!

She is now about a year old and very energetic and sweet with everyone she meets.

She has a fear of larger dogs which we are working on and she is happier and happier every day!

Her favorite toy is Lamb Lamb (a stuffed lamb, haha) which she carries everywhere with her.

Thank you so much for blessing me with such an amazing pup!

update from Rebecca

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